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#18: ROSALIND CHAO & SIMON TEMPLEMAN | 30 Years of Love & Acting


Rosalind Chao has over 130 acting credits. Some highlights include M*A*S*H, Star Trek Next Generation (Keiko O’Brien), Deep Space Nine, The Joy Luck Club, The OA, The OC, The Neighbors.. and on and on. Her most recent film is Disney’s incredible live-action MULAN, in which she plays Mulan’s mother.

Her husband Simon Templeman also has over a hundred credits, appearing in many television shows and movies. He’s also played some VIDEO GAME characters over the years. Mass Effect, Legacy of Kain, Dragon Age, Blood Omen, World of Warcraft… all huge hits that wouldn’t have been the same without his aggressively intimidating pipes.  

Anyway, the point is that Simon and Rosalind are successful actors. And they’re been successfully married for 30 years. And that’s super nice. And I wanted to kind of figure out the secret to their success as actors and as life partners. So that’s what we talk about. Or at least, that’s what we set out to talk about. What we really talked about, well, take a listen.

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