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#40: TYLER SCHMITT | An Insider’s View of GARY VAYNERCHUK’s World

This week’s guest is the super nice TYLER SCHMITT. Tyler has spent years glued to the hip of Gary Vaynerchuk aka Gary V, the wildly popular author, personality and entrepreneur. After four years as Gary’s executive assistant, Tyler is now a key member in the office of the CEO at VaynerMedia, And that’s why we asked Tyler on to the show, to get a sneak peak, an inside view of Gary V’s operations. Turns out Tyler can dish on that, but he also has his own take, his own methodologies that are well worth your time

I know I’ve adjusted my approach to how I view and tackle a busy day after this short talk…. And whether that’s Tyler or Gary V, hard to say, I suspect it’s a combo of the two. Either way, I’m grateful for the tweak to my approach and I think you will be, too.  

Other things that came up:

> On being Gary V’s right hand
> How the busiest man in the world gets it all done – big tips here
> Family as antidote to unprecedented global anxiety
> 10x returns in an unregulated market = sports cards???

> The one card Tyler would NEVER sell.
> The psychology of scarcity – investing in sports cards, sneakers and ORCHIDS
> The gray space most of us ignore where Gary creates huge opportunities
> The power of the practiced pivot 
> How to avoid becoming a “double loser”
> How to move on from a failure (hint: fail more)
> Why being NICER to your barista could make you millions… and make you a better human.
> Tyler’s 4000-acre dream
> Tyler Schmitt’s Super Nice Challenge for YOU.

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