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#42: ILAN + AARON RUBIN | The Journey is the Destination is the Journey is the Destination

This is a great conversation with brothers Aaron and Ilan Rubin. Ilan recently became the YOUNGEST living member (not to be confused with dead members who get to cut in line) of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, when he was inducted with his band NINE INCH NAILS. He’s also played with Tom Delonge (BLINK 182) in their band ANGELS & AIRWAVES, and most recently released his own slice of sonic rock heaven via his band THE NEW REGIME. Aaron is the mad scientist behind the mixing board for most of Aaron’s projects, as well as producer and band manager. Talking with these hyper-talented brothers, feeling the love and support that flows between them, well, I trust you’ll be inspired by it as much as I was. 

A few things we may or may not discuss:

> Who is carrying the rock torch right now?
> The New Regime’s New Masterpiece: Heart, Mind, Body & Soul
> The Rubin Family: All love, support and super niceness
> Journey vs. Destination: Can you enjoy both? 
> Ilan’s greatest achievement: WOODSTOCK
> Prince vs. Michael Jackson 
> Michael Jackson & Wagner – Separating the man from the music
> SNC Member questions
> Ilan’s Super Nice Challenge sucks

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