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Nice Work! The Unofficial Official Soundtrack Music

Some of the songs that have played us in and out of episodes and the awesome new theme song

The Nice Work! podcast theme song has been a subject of much debate within the confines of the Super Nice Club Sound Lab (which is obviously in a top-secret underground location). We’d been fortunate to have some songs about being super nicer and the Super Nice Club contributed by members like Keith Allen and music from Buckaroo Banzai, one of the greatest movies of all time, that have served as de facto theme songs over the course of 80-something episodes. But when it came time to create a true and proper podcast theme song we made our way to the Sound Lab, sliding down firemen poles in the floor of Super NIce Club HQ to the subterranean basement level full of Moogs, guitars, drum machines and an orchestra’s-worth of Otamatones.

Rigorous debate over the song ensued. Some of you might have even weighed in. Should it have gated reverb? Should it sound like it was birthed by the unholy matrimony of a disco ball and the interlude music between scenes of a Super Punch-Out stand-up video game? Should it make you dance, laugh, cry and remember to pay your electric bill all at once? All very valid questions. Time-traveling music producer and songwriter Logan Grimé of vi3emachine. Logan’s also a bonafide member of the Super Nice Club and one-half of the band Midi Matilda (who you can check out on Nice Work! here).

Let’s Hear It

The new theme song made its debut on Nice Work! episode 82 with author Melinda Moyer. A few bars of the theme is almost the first thing you hear after Melinda tees it up with an intro about raising kids who do not turn out to be assholes but that’s just the little intro snippet. Then we played the whole enchilada. Something you likely won’t hear on another episode again. In fact, up until now, that was pretty much the only time you could hear the song from start to finish without us talking over it or anything like that and appreciate the awesome job Logan did of bringing to Nice Work to auditory life.

We introduced the song with this video Tod made in the studio with Logan, with a special guest appearance by Emmet Kai.

We are thinking the song might be eligible for a Grammy in the Best Podcast Theme Song category or something like that. And Grammy Awards, if you don’t have a category for podcast theme songs you really need to get on that.

And now, in all its glory, and leading off the unofficial official Nice Work! podcast soundtrack is the theme song.

10% Nicer, That’s All We Ask.

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